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Campaign 13

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Welcome to Campaign 13 and the launch of Anew Platinum Firm & Sculpt Cream for the Neck and Chest.

The skin on the neck has fewer oil glands and is one of the first areas to show signs of aging.  The ANEW Firm and Sculpt Cream contains Avon’s Peptide Lifting Complex which is packed with powerful firming ingredients for maximum results.

Karen – Honor Society and Bronze Leader in Pueblo tried out the ANEW Firm and Sculpt cream for our team.  Since its only been a short time we will continue to check in with Karen, I cant wait to see her results, be sure to share yours with us too!
Here is what Karen had to say.
I have been using Avon Anew Platinum Firm and Sculpt Cream for Neck and Chest for a little over a week now. I’m not sure I can see any improvement yet, but I really want to stick this one out since I really hate my neck. My first impression when I opened the jar was that it smelled kinda like fresh paint. It wasn’t overwhelming but it just had a hint of fresh paint. After using it the first time I never really detected that smell again. The cream goes on so smooth and a little goes a long way. I do notice a little tingling the next morning on my neck and slight redness. It hasn’t been very bothersome, I can just feel that it is there. By the time I’ve showered and put my makeup on I can no longer feel the tingling or see redness. I would recommend this product to my customers, but I think I would tell anyone with sensitive skin to start using it every other day until they get used to the product.

Selling Tips
Reach out to current ANEW customers – it is part of the Platinum line but it can be used with any ANEW line.
Expand your current skincare customers – start the conversation with your customers about their skincare concerns.
Samples – Buy 2 get 1 free Item #194-378

C15 Demo Opportunity
Introducing Mark Pout Lip Paint
More intense than a lipstick, more saturated than a gloss.
8 shades in two finishes – Vinyl for a high shine finish or Velvet for a Matte Finish
Built in Primer for a smooth application with pure pigments to deliver intense color. The unique cushioned tapered applicator allows you to apply evenly in one swipe.
My color recommendation is Fancy (Rich Berry) in Velvet Finish


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