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Welcome to Campaign 12 and the launch of Avon True Color Ideal Nude Makeup!

Lightweight, breathable makeup with a soft matte finish that looks & feels like your natural skin.

Its lightweight formula with SPF 20 is perfect for summer!

Maria – Honor Society and Leader in Aurora previewed the foundation for our team and here is what she had to say.
~Provides Medium coverage
~Goes on easy and blends well
~Face feels smooth after its applied
~Skin feels moisturized

Selling Tips:
~Samples come in three shades Light, Medium or Deep, each contain several shades so you can help your customer select the best one for their skin tone.
~Check out the newsletter, or your whats new for the Foundation Selector Chart to help your customers determine the best foundation for their needs.

C14 Demo Opportunity – Order with your C12
Introducing Haiku Reflection
4 piece set is $13.80 item #560225
Share samples of the three Haiku fragrances with this sample bundle
72 samples $5.99 item #954780


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